Top 5 Weighted Blankets for Adults

Top 5 Weighted Blankets For Adults

Weighted Blankets are an effective aid for people of all age groups suffering from sleep disorders, twitchy leg disorder, Autism Spectrum, etc. People who are responsive to touch and psychological disorders, a weighted blanket can offer profound weight and unwinding tangible incitement.  It can help people to slow down their emotional imbalances while in distress.

Many adults who lead very busy life face sleeping disorders, especially if they are not comfortable with their blankets. Not getting enough sleep shall result in a poor performance in health and mental stability. In such cases, weighted blankets shall help in providing much needed sound sleep for individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression and many other issues.

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Pictured: Rocabi

° Odor-free glass beads
°Machine washable
°Flexi option of cotton or bamboo filled cover
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Pictured: Rocabi

Harkla weighted blanket, harkla

Pictured: Harkla

°Easy to wash
°Premium quality removable cover
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#3Calmfortercalmforter°Evenly spread beads
°Ultra-soft outer cover
°Dots for pressure agitation
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#4BalooBaloo°Breathable cotton material.
°Machine washable.
°Portable weighted blanket
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#5Gravitygravity blanket°Grounds perfectly on anyone, irrespective of height and weight
°Uniformly distributed beads
°Perfectly stitched to spread weight evenly.
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How does a weighted blanket work?weighted blanket chart

Weighted blanket shall create a grounding sensation by applying moderate pressure on the body and further pushes the body to sleep mode. This type of grounding process shall help in reducing cortisol production, which is a hormone that usually gets triggered while experiencing stressful situations after a tiring day. Although cortisol production is not a bad one, a nighttime production of the same shall bring in adverse effects on your sleep cycle.

On the other hand, the grounding method triggers the happiness hormones, like dopamine and serotonin that can eventually calm down your nervous system, and make you feel relaxed like never before. Weighted blankets for adults promote the production of oxytocin, the hormone that usually gets released while experiencing a hug from fellow human being.

What are the medical benefits?

There are numerous medical benefits one can gather out of sleeping with a weighted blanket. For example, doctors do recommend such blankets to their patients to get relief from stress disorder due to exam anxiety. Also, adults who are experiencing various mental health issues, namely depression, anxiety and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) can easily get rid of their higher stress levels by using a weighted blanket covering. The blankets d o provide with a deep pressure touch that brings out the right hormones and lessens the adverse effect of any mental disorders.

How customizable are these blankets?

Any weighted sensory blankets can customize as per the need of an individual. Various researches and experts have said that any adult shall reach their peak comfort zone under a blanket when the blankets weigh around five to ten percent of their total body weight. These blankets are available in various sizes and weights, and one needs to choose a blanket that goes smoothly with their body weight.

Most of the weighted blankets are available between five to thirty pounds. Also, some models shall find labeled as ‘one weight that fits for all,’ which can also use by adults who are experiencing severe sleep problems, and it can fold in a certain way to evenly distribute the weight while sleeping.

What are the cleaning methods?

Some of the weighted blankets are entirely machine washable; however, it’s highly recommended to dry clean the blankets. Dry cleaning is the best cleaning method as it can help the blankets to maintain its healing qualities.


Pictured: plastic beads ( beads can be glass or polyester )

What composes the weight inside the blankets?

The weight you can feel from these blankets are coming from either plastic or glass beads. The blankets use either of these fillings and evenly distribute to create the same weightthroughout. For incorporating the extra softness, blanket manufacturing companies also use polyesters which can let the body feel only the softness in spite of the weight while using.

Glass bead filled blankets use sophisticated technology to make them stay silent and shall never make an annoying sound while in use. Some blankets use weighing material like glass, and that can give a feel of the much needed deep pressure.

What’s the basic size?

The primary size of a weighted blanket is sixty to eighty inches long, which is the queen size. When compared with other kinds of blankets, the weighted ones are longer, wider and even lighter in terms of weight, which will help you sleep soundly.

What makes the blankets warmer?

Blankets with weights are more breathable and warmer when compared to a regular blanket. It is because of the natural fibers like wool or cotton blended to form a breathable blanket and help you sleep anytime. With the comfort of such warmness, any adult can sleep like a child.

Read the following top Top 5 Weighted Blankets For Adults that can change your life significantly.


  1. 20 lbs Premium Weighted Blanket For Adults by Rocabi

    Pictured: Rocabi

Price:    $209.00

Get yourself a deep pressure influenced sleep with this 20 lbs weighted blanket for adults by Rocabi. It is one among the famous blanket brand helping to have a sound sleep, who are experiencing sleep disorders. It comes with a removable cover that can quickly clean and maintain well for years. You will never feel the inner heavy; because of the breathable cotton materials used to provide a soft texture. Its corner ribbons designed to hold the weighted inner sleeve and it engage the removable cover from resisting clumping, which is a common problem in weighted blankets.

Inner sleeves can use to get an ideal sleep even during the hot summer. It can reduce the anxiety levels right away.

Key features:

Odor-free glass beads: Rocabi is known for using premium quality materials and especially this particular one uses glass beads that are entirely non-toxic and odorless when compared to other weighted blankets.

No more lumps: The glass beads are tied proportionately so that no kind of lumps can happen even when you do a machine washing. As there is less possibility of a lump formation, one can have a deep sleep by feeling the pressure of the blanket all over the body. The excellent consistency of the glass beads makes it as the best-weighted blankets for adults.

Maintenance at breeze: Machine washing is the best-recommended process to wash the blanket, and moreover the inner sleeves do incorporate with the ribbons and hold them together, to prevent them from getting scattered to other parts. This type of washing method makes the internal weight stable for years, eventually causing the blanket last for many years.


  • Flexible enough to fit any bed size.
  • The Flexi option of cotton or bamboo filled cover.
  • Can share by two people
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Machine washable.
  • Odor free.
  • Helps in treating many health or sleeping disorders.


  • Only suitable for people prescribed to use 20lbs weighted blanket.
  • Too much warmness.


The removable cover option is a great thing in 20 lbs weighted blanket for adults by Rocabi, which allows the user to quickly remove it any time, whenever the warmness hits more than what the body desires to accept. As the blanket is machine washable, and it has better hygienic ranking than other blankets.

Rating: 4.5 star

  1. Harkla Weighted Blanket for Adults (25lbs)
    Harkla weighted blanket, harkla

    Pictured: Harkla

Price:    $274.99

The 25lbs Harkla Weighted Blanket for Adults is a must for any individual who is suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder or insomnia. Its outer layers are incredibly soft, making it easy to sleep. While sleeping under it, one can feel the sense of calmness by the cozy pressure it delivers over the body. The blanket is ideal for couples who weigh two hundred pounds or more. Its sensory inputs placed all over the blankets helps people to recover from dementia and other meltdowns faster than ever. You can have a wide range of colors in Harkla blanket.

Key features:

Weights for sleep: The Harkla blankets shall help in calming the neurotransmitters, like melatonin and serotonin in a human body and does reduce the overall activity level in the nervous system, resulting in a natural sleep throughout the night, because of the weight features. Instead of taking supplements for sleep, this blanket helps a person to have a natural relaxing sleep.

Sensory input: The outer soft Minky fabric materials provide great sensory input and help those who are suffering from PTSD, ADHD and ADD to get a good sound sleep. Also, the sensory inputs can assist in releasing extra serotonin for people who are experiencing dementia, trauma recovery and other meltdowns in their daily life. The deep touch pressure brings in the calmness that can never have from other blankets.

Therapy oriented blanket: The weights from the blanket shall let the body stay calm and relaxed, resulting in a deep sleep. As it’s a therapy-oriented blanket, it’s the best option for anyone who is suffering from insomnia, anxiety and restless legs syndrome.


  • Easy to wash.
  • Premium quality removable cover.
  • Great options for sensory input.
  • More comfort with evenly spread weight.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


  • Faint odor from the outer cover
  • Hard to remove the outer cover


The outer material of the weighted blanket is exceptionally soft, which makes the user sleep comfortably. It is made up of sturdy material, hence while washing it won’t get damaged. The Harkla Weighted Blanket for Adults is available in six different colors, which is an awesome option to choose as per your preference.

Rating: 4.6 star

Platinum Health CALMFORTER Premium Weighted Blanket 12 lbs for Adults &    Children

Price: $168.11calmforter

The luxurious and ultra-soft Platinum Health CALMFORTER Premium Weighted Blanket 12 lbs for Adults & Children comes with sensory cooling dots.  It can help in calming down the nerves and bring in the much needed relaxing mood while sleeping underneath it. The weighted blanket is available in seven different colors, which is an added advantage, for people who are looking to choose the blanket as per their color options. All the colors are light and remain calm even when used in daylight.

The velvety smooth side does have many therapeutic ways to heal anxiety, depression and other kinds of sleep disorder that any adult faces in this generation.

Key features:

Two part construction: The two-part blanket construction makes it easy to remove the outer cover and wash it conveniently. The outer cover remains silky soft, even after washing. The inner part features with sense cool dots which can keep your body cool during hot summer days.

Perfectly sized: The generous 60 X 80 inches dimension makes the blanket a perfect size for any size adults, irrespective of their height and weight. Also, it can go easy with any bed size too. The extra-large size of the weighted blanket brings enough room to sleep and experience the deep pressure points irrespective of the body size.

Even flow technology: The beads inside the blankets are evenly placed and stitched at the right points, so that they can stay in the same position, after undergoing frequent washing. You cannot experience any lumps, as the weight gets evenly spread all across the blanket.


  • Evenly spread beads
  • Ultra-soft outer cover
  • Dots for pressure agitation
  • Fits perfect on any bed
  • Easy to wash


  • Extremely warm during summer days
  • Outer cover zips do not function as mentioned.


After using this weighted blanket for a month, I found the outer cover is exceptionally soft and help me stay calm during the night time. But, the blanket produces more heat during the summer season, which makes it hard to continue using without removing the outer cover.

Rating: 4.6 stars


  1. Baloo Weighted Blanket Cool Cotton

    Pictured: Baloo

Price: $169

The 15lbs Baloo Weighted Blanket Cool Cotton can nourish natural and deep sleep method for anyone who is suffering from severe sleep problems. The deep pressure touch from the blanket helps in calming down the nervous system, resulting in sound sleep. The materials tend to last for many years, even upon washing it regularly, because the weighted blanket is washable and dryer safe. The fresh and breathable cotton materials using for making the blanket helps the body to feel a hug for real.

Key features:

Natural therapy: These weighted sensory blankets are perfect in providing a natural sleep for adults who are suffering from poor sleep due to insomnia, anxiety and other sensory-related problems. End of the day, the blanket has a natural therapy method that can kindle deep sleep.

Machine washable and air dry facility: Machine washable makes it easy to wash the blanket at your convenience. Also, one can easily air dry it. This type of washing and drying method is a gift for the users, as they can even wash the blanket during the cold winter season and dry them off with ease. Even upon repeated hardcore machine washing, the beads inside the blankets shall remain evenly, making them last for years.

Fits perfect on any bed size: This 60×80 inches blanket shall go easy on any queen size bed. Even if you have a single bed, then the blanket can fit perfectly on it. Also, the blanket is ideal to use for a single person or can share between two individuals, while lying on a couch or a bed without disturbing each other.

Easy to carry: As the blanket is only fifteen pounds of weight, it is easy to shift to different locations. For example, if a person is trying to sleep on the couch by watching the television, then the person can easily snug inside the blanket and enjoy the comfort. Also, if you are into meditation, then you can wrap it around your body and meditate for hours.


  • Breathable cotton material.
  • Machine washable.
  • Portable weighted blanket.
  • Soft white color brings more calmness.
  • A treat for couch people.


  • Not the best option for side sleepers
  • Cotton material brings uncomfortable warmness during the summer season.


I am a side sleeper, and I felt uncomfortable while sleeping with Baloo Weighted Blanket. If you are a straight sleeper, then you will never regret buying this blanket, as it is soft and comfortable to shift from one place to another.

Rating: 4.7 star

    1. Gravity Blanket, The Original Weighted Blanketgravity blanket

    Price: $249

    The 20lb Gravity Blanket, The Original Weighted Blanket has the best grounding option to cover one person, and it does provide with much-needed mood-enhancing and relaxing function. People who are between one hundred and fifty pounds to two hundred pounds can comfortably use this blanket as the user can never feel the weight of the blanket on the body. It is because of the super soft fiber materials incorporated well with the blanket to let the weight remain as thin as the air.

    Key features:

    Deep touch simulation: The deep touch pressure stimulation in this blanket promote a relaxing mode and elevates the sleep cycle for adults of any age group, who has been facing sleep disorders due to various reasons. The deep touch can feel whenever the user tucks themselves inside the blanket. The deep touch therapy method works great on people who are restless throughout the day and looking for options to stay calm and relax for more hours.

    Super soft outer cover: The outer cover provides with a super soft functionality to ensure quality sleep for adults. Its cover can easily remove and machine washable. Smoothly contoured stitches crafted perfectly on the outer cover, which ensures the blanket to remain soft for years.

    Multi-purpose blanket: As the weighted blanket size is perfect for a person, it can use on the bed, on the couch, or even while sitting on the floor. You can use the blanket by wrapping around the body while meditating and enjoy the warmness. It is rare to find multipurpose weighted blankets, which deliver the promise.


    • Machine washable cover
    • Provides much needed therapeutic options
    • Grounds perfectly on anyone, irrespective of height and weight
    • Uniformly distributed beads
    • Perfectly stitched to spread weight evenly.


    • Warmer during spring and summer days
    • Hard wash does move the beads from its original places


    People have a varied opinion about weighted blankets.  Some people say it is uncomfortable but there many people talk volumes about it and its fantastic sleep support.  I am using a 20llb Gravity Blanket, which is slightly heavy but it gives complete satisfaction, and lying underneath is an incredible experience.  The only problem I can say is, it is not a duvet, and it is difficult to share with your sleeping partner.  My observations are not scientific but personal view, and it supports to enhance my sleeping pattern.

    Rating: 4.8 stars



    All these five blankets are different from one another in terms of critical features, yet, these are the best ones to go for from the tons of weighted blankets available in the market. One needs to choose the right blanket, based on the key features so that they can feel the comfort and enjoy good quality sleep.

    All these weighted blankets for adults do come with a guarantee period, and it’s highly safe to choose as per your choice and preferences. If you want to use a weighted blanket under medical prescription, then select a blanket as per the instruction. Other than looking over the price range, make sure to pick the ones that can fulfill your need. Weighted blankets are the ideal choice for people who are suffering from a various type of sleep disorders.

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