5 Reasons Why: Weighted Blanket for treating PTSD

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Weighted Blanket for PTSD

People who have PTSD which is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder feel helpless most of the time. They feel as if nothing can cure or alleviate their problems. But, there is something which can help a lot to lighten the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Weighted Blanket for PTSD is a solace to people who suffer from these problems because it comes with a fantastic design to tackle the issues related to PTSD.

One can get rid of all the problems if they start having their naps in weighted blankets. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder affects people differently. It has varied effects on different people. Therefore, the treatment of PTSD is also different for everyone.  Apart from medication and therapy, using weighted blankets as per the allowed weight will tremendously help to improve the condition of a PTSD patient.

Serious problems and symptoms are part of post-traumatic stress disorder. These are beyond our control and make lives difficult. But, the touch of weighted blankets provides deep sensation in the body of an individual. The sensations are captivating, mimics like real life human hug and it ultimately reduces the stressful situation facing due to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Use of weighted blankets explicitly designed for people who are suffering from PTSD can help them to give relief from the traumatic situation. Professionals have suggested making use of these weighted blankets as much as possible, and it will benefit like anything to people have PTSD. Here are few points which will redirect you as to why weighted blankets are necessary.

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Pictured: Stress taking its toll

Reduces the symptoms of Stress

A weighted blanket can correctly help people because it can control the presence of cortisol hormone in the human body.   By the by cortisol is a stress hormone, which plays a vital role in managing the human stress factors. The production of cortisol hormone will be seamless when a person is in low stress or not stressed at all. But, the level of hormone will be very high in the body of a stressed person.

Cortisol is also a reason of hundreds of health problems. Therefore, it is indispensable to manage the level of hormone into an acceptable level to keep the body and mind in a fit form. Weighted blankets for PTSD help a lot in this process. The sudden reduction of stress hormone can take place once people start using weighted blankets.

Not only it reduces the stress to a great extent, but it also helps in curing many health problems associated with stress. Stress can cause diseases which are beyond the knowledge of human beings. So, having a weighted blanket is a must for all those who have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD can affect badly but curing it is not that difficult now. With weighted blankets, one can easily control their problems and ultimately the stress as well.

Heart attack, insomnia, and stroke have the definite connection with high-level stress. However, these can cure by using weighted blankets along with regular therapies. Other health problems like depression can also put in control by using a weighted blanket for PTSD.

Healthier sleep with no nightmareshealthier sleep

Usually, people who have PTSD experience less sleep. Sleep is no doubt crucial for healthy living. An adult must take at least 7-8 hours of sleep specifically at night. But, people who have Post-Traumatic Stress disorder often experience less or no sleep. It can ultimately lead to severe health issues.

A recent study has revealed that more than 5 percent of the USA population experience bad nightmares. However, the truth lies behind the fact that almost 52-53 percent of the PTSD population experience nightmares. Weighted blankets for PTSD are useful for such people. It helps in relieving the stress of a person and get him a better sleep.

It has clinically confirmed that people who sleep with weighted blankets shall get better sleep as their body produce serotonin hormone, which plays a vital role in inducing the sleep cycle. Enhanced sleep cycles mean you shall be free from any sleep disorders.

Research on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has shown that people who have been using a weighted blanket experience a good sleep in comparison to those who don’t use.

Low level of stress

Experiencing and relieving stress is a part of human nature. But, facing stress in such an antagonistic manner can be dangerous for the body and mind. Weighted blankets are a lifesaver in this case. People who sleep with a weighted blanket experience less stress and understand the meaning of their lives. The psychosomatic and mental symptoms of stress can lower if you use these blankets which have the unique feature to meet the challenges of PTSD.

The benefits of weighted blankets are undoubtedly more than anything that could help for PTSD. Often it has noticed that people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder always have the problems of high blood pressure and high pulse rates. But, weighted blankets have solved the problems of almost 80 percent people. Now, they experience fewer symptoms of stress and low blood pressure as well. Their pulse rate is always in control and is generally low than what it was without a weighted blanket.

From the entire fraternity of people who have post-traumatic stress disorder, almost 79 percent of people favored and chose weighted blankets for better sleep and mind relaxation. People who now use weighted blankets for PTSD are found to sleep more and have a good sleep which is essential for a human body. They sleep well and relax more in comparison to people who don’t use weighted blankets.

The possibility of frequent nightmares gets reduced to a great extent with people who use weighted blankets on a regular basis. Fewer horror dreams are a result of the sound sleep and energetic mornings. One always feels refreshed when they don’t have sick nightmares, and weighted blankets are undoubtedly doing a fantastic job.

Physical pain is not going to bother you anymorephysical pain

People with PTSD are highly prone to physical pain. Even a little pain on their bodies feels like hell and medication alone is helpless in containing the terrific situation. The weighted blankets considered as the best option to reduce the pain when used systematically along with proper medication. The subterranean touch of those blankets is helpful in reducing the pain to a great extent.

The blankets have stimulation and pressure which is effective to reduce the physical pain. Frequent anxiety disorder and less calmness is a result of less sleep and stress problems. But, weighted blankets help people with PTSD to reduce all these problems very well. The patients experience less physical pain as before after using these blankets because of the significant effects.

The touch of weighted blankets feels deep inside the body and helps in reducing anxiousness. Patients using these blankets are found to get less anxious and experience less nervousness as well. The fretfulness is almost not in the minds of people using weighted blankets. The pressure exerted on the body by the weighted blankets works well like a soft hug which does a wonderful job to relieve the stress factor.

Fewer mood swings

Weighted blankets add an extra advantage on PTSD patients. The mood swings through which people often go through in their everyday lives get reduced to a great extent. Not everyone has the same kind of mood swings. It differs from person to person. Ordinary people may experience mood swings, but those who have PTSD may hit with the next level of mood swings, and indeed is unbearable.

It is something which is beyond the control of ordinary people. Solving this problem was an issue until weighted blankets for PTSD hit on the market. The blankets are 100% successful in reducing the frequent mood swings, and the situation happens mainly due to the massive imbalance of the oxytocin hormone. The oxytocin hormone is responsible for maintaining the state of happiness and feeling good.

Exceptionally designed weighted blankets play a pivotal role in balancing the production of oxytocin chemical. These blankets help to reduce the reason for imbalance mood swing variations.  Mood swings can often lead to wrong life decisions which may destroy the entire life of a person. But, to control it these blankets are providing a deep stroke and contact with the body of an individual which ultimately relaxes the mind.

Often the behavior of an individual is due to the level of Oxytocin. The presence of this chemical affects a human body in so many ways. The social behavior, thinking pattern, decision making power and evaluation process of a person get reduced to a great extent when Oxytocin is not boosted up or has a low presence in the body.

Try a weighted blanket for PTSD and Fretfulness

Weighted blankets are flourishing and booming as a result of making people more aware and conscious. Not only it helps in dealing with these behaviors, but it also makes people happy and activates their inner strength to deal with PTSD. The consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder can ultimately solve by weighted blankets and offer amazing benefits for an individual. Lack of sleep with nightmares and often falling sick can ruin the lives drastically.

A weighted blanket will help millions and zillions times more than anything for PTSD. Getting eminence sleep after using a weighted blanket has made people realize about the worth of weighted blankets for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  The high quality weighted blankets are helpful in reducing almost 80% of the symptoms of PTSD. Researchers have clinically confirmed that more than 85% of people have benefited and are out of PTSD and are enjoying their life to the fullest when they start using weighted blankets.

Above points conveyed the message of how weighted blankets are so beneficial for a person who has PTSD. But, here are some points that will let you know more about PTSD and its symptoms. The annexed information will also deal with the problems through which people with PTSD go through.

A whopping 5 million people in the United States are prone to PTSD, which will expose the terrifying situation of the disease. It is like a mental illness or being mentally unfit. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is successful in making people sick with their minds. The problem has not just evolved in the United States but is a global phenomenon. People usually experience different types of ups and downs in their lives, but, a life-threatening situation like PTSD required proper attention.

PTSD has many similarities with other diseases and many a time it will take time to get noticed and diagnose. Someone who has experienced something unforeseen and unexpected can get into the trouble of PTSD. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder may affect them severely, and symptoms can grab the entire life of a person. A life-threatening event like the death of loved ones or a breath-taking accident or maybe something else. Situations like these in life can make a person go blank and suffer from PTSD which is a severe problem.

Check the following PTSD symptoms:

Disturbing and pushing thoughts:PTSD Symptoms

Often people who have PTSD experience ideas which are entirely intrusive and very disturbing. Something like flashback and memories reflects in their minds and hook up with them. People often think that they are in living their past threatening moments again. It scares them like anything and signifies that he/she has high-level PTSD. Even when they are normal, they still tend to think about their past and cry for that.


Unenthusiastic thoughts and emotions:


Feelings are generally beyond our control. But, negative feelings can control by us sometimes. Post-traumatic stress disorder makes people doubt themselves. It creates a very humiliating and harmful sense in the minds of people, and it ultimately leads to a wrong decision. Negative thoughts are successful in separating people from one another. It is a common symptom of PTSD which most of the people experience.

No sleep for months:

Being awake and not sleeping at night is also one of the symptoms of PTSD. People who suffer from this illness do not always have enough sleep. They don’t sleep for nights and days. It’s not purposely, but the state of mind does not let them sleep in calmness and peace.Nightmares shall often shackle their good sleep. Scary and life taking dreams are common to these people who have the post-traumatic stress disorder.

The habit of ignoring:

Nobody likes to get rejected by someone they like or love or even have a soft corner for them. But, people with PTSD are likely habitual of ignoring people. Ignoring people is a universal nature of people, but PTSD patients are more likely to ignore people without any solid reason. Post-traumatic stress disorder is expected to affect the social life of a person. One tends to get insecure about the things which are not present.

These symptoms can slowly and gradually create a question mark in the minds of the people. They tend to get offensive and more prone to less sleep and being awake. PTSD can affect people in a very negative manner and solving these issues is a matter of concern.

How to select weighted blankets for PTSD?we

People who have post-traumatic stress disorder usually need a weighted blanket as it has numerous benefits for the reduction of symptoms of stress and anxiety. The uncountable benefits of the weighted blanket are undoubtedly significant. But, there are many types of weighted blankets available in the market and online. To choose from a variety of blankets and to select the best one is undoubtedly a task which one has to perform.

Investment in a weighted blanket is one time, and it should be worth. That does not mean that only expensive blankets are good. The person must choose weighted blankets for post-traumatic stress disorder according to their needs and preferences. To select a good and worth it product, the person must choose a correct size of the blanket. The weight of the user/patient and blanket is also taken into consideration while selecting it.  The recommended weight selection is 10% of the weight of the body plus one or two additional pounds irrespective of children and adults.

Apart from these two points which are necessary, there are two more important points which must be kept in mind while selecting weighted blankets for the post-traumatic stress disorder. Firstly, the weight of the patient is an essential factor while choosing a weighted blanket. The growth of kids is fast, and it can happen that they do not fit in the blanket well. So, focus on getting the blanket which is more prominent in size than the size of the patient.

Weighted blankets are undoubtedly heavy, and one should not handle it alone. People who have PTSD should always be with their elders or someone they love.  The weighted blanket should not be heavy than a person can handle and he must be able to remove the blanket without external help.

The theory behind weight blanket is, when you suffer from fearful thoughts, a hug of your dearest one provide you comfort. The same principle applied here in the form of a weighted blanket when draped over your body, it exerts deep pressure touch stimulation and helps to subsidize the thoughts that hurt you and support to ease muscle tension.  These actions are equivalent to the benefits of massage and moderate pressure exerted on the body stimulates the production of serotonin hormone.  The hormone gets transformed to melatonin, which in turn enhances sleepiness and offer sound tight sleep without any medication.


Weighted blankets for anxiety and PTSD have helped people to a great extent for dealing with the situation. Making them realize their worth and greeting them with positive energy and fruitful thoughts is only in the hands of weighted blankets. Post-traumatic stress is amazingly cured by these blankets which come with a particular design for patients with PTSD. The symptoms of PTSD found substantially reduced up to 80% after the usage of weighted blankets.

An excellent and high quality weighted blanket will cost you a little, but it is a lifetime investment. Better sleep with no nightmares is what PTSD sufferers’ ultimate wish.  A relief from the scorching problems is the ultimate benefit you can expect by using weighted blankets which are good and will also help in reducing the stress problems along with systematic medications.

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