Weighted Blanket Baby! Top 5 Weighted Blankets for Kids plus Weighted Fun DIY

 ModelI.D.FeaturesCompare Prices
#5QuilityQuility weighted •Made from cotton/ Minky material.
•It has buttons all around it to keep it in place.
•Filled with glass beads.

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#4ZonLiZonLi° Made from mechanically processed bamboo/ cotton fabricsCompare Prices
Huggaroo• The material looks and feels really soft
° Quilt pockets are smaller in this blanket than in other blankets
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#2HarklaHarkla weighted, harkla, weighted blanket• It's a two-piece style blanket
• The outer layer is dotted with sensory input.
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#1YnMYnM weighted, ynm• Glass bead fillers
• The blanket has a smooth texture and doesn't have any bumps
• It is really silent and doesn't make any noise.
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How to make weighted blankets?

Have you ever wondered about ways to make your child fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer? Imagine if there was a way you could achieve this without breaking the bank.  It is perhaps refreshing to know that you can make a weighted blanket on your own. Other than the obvious fact that it saves you money, this will give you a chance to make it as heavy or light as you want it.

As an added bonus, you are at liberty to choose the color, texture, material, and length at which you want the blanket. It could also be fun for you and your kid to make a blanket. It will give you a chance to let your child pick his preferred color.Choosing what colors to use will be an adventure for the both of you.

It is not as easy as it sounds, making a DIY weighted blanket is however very time consuming. Therefore, if you do not have a lot of free time or your hands or you want it urgently, it’s better to purchase one online or from a retail shop around you.  But first let us dive into how to make a weighted blanket.

Basic items you will need to make a weighted blanket include:

  • Sewing machine
  • A fabric of your choosing
  • Fillers such as Poly pellets, glass beads or any non-toxic material of your c
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • A scale
  • A measuring tape

Step 1: The first thing to do is to determine the size you want. Using your measuring tape, measure the length and breadth of the fabric or fabrics if you want both sides of different materials.  Bear in mind that the blanket should be big enough to cover the user and stay on all night if it is intended to be slept with.

A blanket staying on all night works better than one that doesn’t obviously. But you also don’t want it too small or short.  A growing child will soon outgrow a short blanket and you may have to buy or make another one.But we are trying to save money, aren’t we?

Step 2: When the size is determined, sew the two fabrics together on three sides at the edges leaving space in the center forming a rectangle.

Step 3:  The next thing to do is to sew a couple of horizontal lines in the middle.  These lines have to be consistent, being the same spaces apart.  To ensure the spaces are the same, use a ruler or a measuring tape. You can also use a washable marker to draw outlines on the fabric.

Step 3: Fill the spaces with the poly pellets or whatever fillers you are using.  The fillers have to be evenly distributed within the blanket and be a total of 10% of the body weight of the user, with an extra one or two pound.  This can be achieved by measuring the portions to be used.


Step 5: Sew vertical lines to lock the poly pellets in one place.You are aiming to create square shapes with your lines as this will help distribute the weight evenly.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the full area of the blanket is adequately weighted. Fold in the fabric that is leftover and sew that shut.


How can you care for a weighted blanket?

It is one thing to buy or make a weighted blanket; it is another thing to have knowledge of the care method.  Knowing how to care for a weighted blanket will preserve it for longer and help you get your money’s worth out of it.  If your blanket arrives rumpled, you can toss it in the dryer to straighten it out.

If you ordered your blanket in the cold weather, it will probably arrive cold and uncomfortable to use.  Again you can toss it in the drier for a few minutes to warm it up.

You, however, have to be very careful when washing one.  As they are made from varying material fabrics, they require a care system that is peculiar to each one.  Most weighted blankets can be machine washed.  The standard washing procedure is to wash with gentle speed in cold water and air dry if that option is available.  Remember to wash separately from other fabrics so the filling doesn’t get caught and tear.  Here are some ideas for washing weighted blankets.

Cotton blankets

Separate from other fabrics and wash in warm or cold water. If you think the colors will run, wash in cold water or in warm water with a cup of salt for the first wash and tumble dry on low or medium.  Do not iron or microwave.

Minky blankets

minky blanket, weighted minky

Pictured: Minky 6lbs for kids

Cold machine wash with detergent. Avoid using fabric softeners.  You can air dry or tumble dry on low heat or air fluff if you must use a dryer.

Flannel blankets

You can wash with fabric softener or one cup of vinegar in warm water. This will help soften the material.

Waterproof blanket

These are machine washable in warm or hot water and dry on low.  Do not iron, dry clean or use bleach, vinegar or any oxy-type substance.

Please note: Commercial washers and dryers are recommended for blankets that weigh over 12lbs.

Review of weighted blankets for kids

If you do not have the time or patience to make a weighted blanket for your kid, you have nothing to worry as there are a lot of buying options. We will together look at some of the best-weighted blankets for kids on the market and give a 5-star rating.

Quility, quility blanket, weighted blanket, weighted blanket kidsQuility

Quility weighted blanket

Price: $100-$110

Give your child the hug they need with the Quility weighted blanket.  Made from 100% cotton, the blanket is really soft.  It is also filled with non-toxic hypoallergic glass beads held in place in small polyester bags.  It is created to help kids with special needs ameliorate their wellbeing.  The company Quility has spent years researching the best methods to make the perfect blanket available to children suffering from Autism, anxiety, ADHD, and other sensory disorders.  The blanket is very soft to the touch and its use is not peculiar to children alone. Adults with severe symptoms of restless legs and PTSD can get mild medication from this masterpiece.

It comes in two colors of grey and navy blue and grey. The weight of this blanket ranges from 5lbs to 25 lbs.  This means adults can use it too.

Key Features:

  • Made from cotton/ Minky
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
  • It has buttons all around it to keep it in place.
  • Filled with glass beads.
  • Cannot be dry cleaned.

Improvement; Coming in just two colors means there isn’t much to choose from. The minimum age of use is 5years old, I wish Quility made a blanket for kids younger than 5 but I guess that’s why there are other blankets on the market.  Also putting on the outer duvet cover was really challenging as there are no Velcro straps so I had to get extra help. Another issue I encountered with this blanket is that it is not machine washable although the cover is.

Conclusion: I like that the beads are in place and don’t move around.  This keeps the weight evenly distributed and comfortable for the child to move around while wrapped in the blanket.

Rating: 4.7 star

Zonlizonli weighted blanket, weighted blanket , weighted blanket youth, weighted blanket kids

Zonli weighted blanket

Price $60-399

The ZonLismallweightedcoolingblanket weights 7lbs for individuals of between 50-90 lbs. The 41”x 60”, Pink/Purple blanket is for Children, and it is great for Autism, ADHD, Stress and Anxiety Relief.  This blanket comes in a transparent bag with a maintenance instruction manual included in it.  It is filled with glass pellets in squares of 18.5*20cm around the full length of the blanket.  The Zonli blanket has a wide variety of choices coming in 10 colors.   There are also a range of sizes to pick from to fit ones needs.  The sizes go between 36″ x 48″, 05lbs and 55″ x 82″, 25lbs.

Key Features:

  • Made from mechanically processed bamboo/ cotton fabrics.
  • Duvet cover is sold separately.
  • Machine washable on low gentle settings. It can also be air dried.

Improvement: A major defect I found with this blanket is that the beads move.  They are not compact and in place.  As a result, when walking around with it the bead moves to the bottom of the blanket making it very uncomfortable and unusually heavy.  Also when the weight is not evenly distributed in the blanket, it tends to roll off the bed.Before using this blanket, I have to shake it out to even the weight throughout the blanket.  Also, it comes with a smell which thankfully disappears after it is air dried or the first wash.  The material is so thick it takes time to dry; I guess that’s what a blanket is supposed to be like. And it makes noise when moved. It is not enough to drive you crazy but loud enough to be noticed.  If this will be a problem for you, which I highly doubt, I’d suggest you get another brand.

Conclusion: The material feels very soft like one is lying next to a baby’s skin.  The material is also tough, not likely to tear during cleaning.  This blanket has a lot of colors, ten in total and that’s awesome.  I found that my kids could easily pick a favorite with this blanket.

Rating: 4.6 star

Huggaroohugaroo, weighted blanket set, weighted bundle, hugaroo, weighted blanket kids

Huggaroo weighted blanket

Price $89

Coming out of Nashville Tennessee, your child is sure to fall in love with this weighted blanket. The company Huggaroo was foundedby Dr Wendy Jordanov, a former college professor with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Research with a specialty in Developmental psychology. Youcan be guaranteed your child is in safe hands.   This blanket is sure to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, stress as well as autism and sleep issues. The outer cover is Chenile that is 100% polyester and the inner is 100% cotton.  The size of this blanket is approximately 36″ X 48″ at 6.5lbs

This blanket was designed specifically for kids that weigh between 30lbs and 80 lbs. it can also be used by adults who have anxiety symptoms and want a light blanket.

Key Features

  • The material looks and feels really soft
  • Comes in a distinct soothing blue color
  • A two-part blanket with an outer removable duvet cover
  • Quilt pockets are smaller in this blanket than in other blankets to keep the weight evenly distributed.
  • The blanket is machine washable and can be air dried or air fluffed in a dryer
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Full refund within 30days of purchase.

Improvement: That the 6.5lbs blanket is  only available in one size and color is a downer.  Color choices are quite limited and you have to settle for the only available color, blue.

Conclusion: A two-piece blanket coming for the price of one is a complete steal and the color is really soothing. Looking at and having a feel of the blanket is sure to make you feel relaxed.  The blanket is designed to keep the weight evenly distributed while being fun to play with.  This will give your child’s hands busy while they relax.

Rating: 4.5 star

HarklaHarkala, Harkala Weighted Blanket, Harkala Blankets, Harkala, Karkla, Harkla weighted blanket kids, Harkla

Harkla weighted blanket for kids

Price: 139.99

Hakla surely had your kid in mind when this blanket was made. The Harklaweighted blanket helps minimize the symptoms of anxiety, autism, sleep issues, ADHD and sensory processing disorder for children that weigh between 40 to 70 pounds. Made from extremely soft dotted Minky fabric, the blanket is the relief your child needs.

With three options of blue and lemon green, purple and lavender and grey and slate grey to choose from, you are sure to get a choice that fits your child’s likes.  It is a two-piece blanket that will be easy to wash at home. The7lbs blanket is also dotted to add an extra therapeutic feeling the blanket gives to your child.  It can be used at home and in the classroom to give your child that needed the feeling of being hugged and safe.

Key Features:

  • Extremely soft and comfortable. Minky is a very soft material from which baby blankets are made and it feels as soft as cotton candy.
  • It’s a two-piece style blanket
  • The outer layer is dotted with sensory input.

Improvement: The blanket comes with a strong skunk-like foul smelling odor which can only be removed after it is washed and air dried.  I would have liked it more if it was ready to use from the box.

Conclusion: This is a great blanket for both for you and your child.  The dotted design gives your child something to play with while it also calming him down. The two-color design of the blanket is a great feature.  The smaller low weighting blankets have PP cotton in them for that extra soft feeling which I think is a plus.

Rating: 4.4 star

YnMYNM, Weighted Blankets, YNM weighted, YNM

YnM weighted blanket

Price: $162

YnM is a leading brand in the weighted blankets market and gives relief to persons suffering from autism, ADHD, Insomnia, stress and other neurotic disorders.  Your child is sure to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer when introduced to this blanket.  Their blankets come in cotton bamboo and Minky.Comes in multiple weights of 36″x 68′ 05lbs to 60″ x 80″ 25lbs. Color choices include seagrass green, dark grey, grey, navy blue, light grey, and cream.

Key Features:

  • Has a 3-year warranty period
  • Glass bead fillers
  • The blanket has a smooth texture and doesn’t have any bumps
  • It is really silent and doesn’t make any noise.
  • Removable duvet cover is sold separately.
  • Blanket is not machine washable but the cover is.

Improvement: The one color design of YnM may seem boring to a kid. For the price, it should come with a removable duvet but it makes up for this with its exquisite design and quality.

Conclusion:  YnM has developed a weighted blanket that is light and doesn’t make you hot, or turn you into a sauna and that’s awesome.  The weight is evenly distributed and it doesn’t make any noise when it is moved. The glass beads are always in place; this is a great feature.  The material is durable and not easily damaged during a wash.

Rating: 4.3 star

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