Weighted Blankets For Anxiety


Anxiety is part and partial of our daily life. But if we don’t treat it at the right time, it will shake the quality of our lives in one time or the other. Chronic anxiety can also have serious emanation on your physical and mental health. Are you panic? There is nothing to tremor as it is a normal part of our life.  Along with medical treatment, external support like counseling, using weighted blankets, which is the latest proven support system to fight against anxiety disorders.

Succinct understanding of anxiety, its dynamics, providing in-depth light to the subject is essential to manage anxiety disorders.  Some people have a natural way of dealing with anxiety which is an inborn talent, and some require medication and clinical support.

Many studies have confirmed the advantage of weighted blankets when used by people who have anxiety disorders.  It is one of the best-proven support system for children, youngsters and adults who have anxiety disorders.  Weighted blankets for anxiety are using to unwind anxiety disorders and provide significant changes. It is beneficial for people who are responsive to touch, nervous disorders, psychologically vulnerable, imbalanced state of mind, twitchy leg disorder and many disorders associated with mental distress.

You would have used ordinary blankets during the winter season to keep you warm. But a weighted blanket not only acts as a calming tool for sleep but also it helps to balance your anxiety as well. A weighted blanket helps to activate the brain which releases serotonin hormone that regulates the anxiety level and depression. So I am sure that, this article will help you to find means and ways to achieve a stress-free state to have a deep and pleasant sleep by using weighted blankets.

A natural therapy to treat anxiety:

Some people who undergo anxiety, may not get the satisfaction by medication or maybe a bit reserved about the outcome of medication. You can find numerous ways to manage anxiety factors. Your change in lifestyle, engaging outdoor activities by consciously departing from the situation that makes you distress, listening to soft music and other treatments can help reduce the impact of anxiety and its symptoms. Therefore, a natural therapy like using a weighted blanket is one among that can help you to sort out the issue to lead a stress-free life. It helps to reduce anxiety in both children and adults too.

How do weighted blankets effective for anxiety?

You may be surprised to find the magical facts behind the science of weighted blankets. It is known as deep touch pressureor shortly referred as DTP. It is nothing but the equal distribution of pressure on your body as natural as it can, like the way you can enjoy a friendly hug. You can get DTP through weighted blankets, vests or a deep embrace. So how does this DTP works out to balance the anxiety level? It is due to the increased level of serotonin hormone in the body. It is a chemical that regulates our changing mood depends on our situation and makes you stay in a world of calmness. DTP works in such a way that it helps to increase serotonin in the body which is a chemical in our body to regulate our mood swing.

Reduced activity in the nervous system:

Continuous usage of weighted blankets shows a tendency to decrease the nervous activity system. A detailed study about anxiety shows that people who use weighted blankets had lower anxiety level as a stress reliever than people who don’t use at all. At times, the people who suffer from depression and anxiety lack proper sleep. Recent research on this subject shows that people who use weighted blankets have long calm nights for good sleep.

What is Weighted Blanket Therapy?

Weighted Blanket Therapy is a powerful tool for sensory processing disorders and also for people with anxiety especially for adults and seniors. The scientific fact behind the weighted blanket therapy is the ‘Deep Pressure Touch’ which reduces the cortisol levels and enhance the secretion of serotonin in the brain. Cortisol is otherwise known as ‘stress hormone’ directly connected with plenty of diseases and ailments like anxiety, headaches, digestive disorders and also heart blocks. When the brain encounters stress, it signals a flight or fight response. You needn’t get panic; it alerts the person to handle the stress most safely as much as possible.

The problems shoot up when the brain produces too much cortisol due to stressful situations. It is not only the people who go out for work in the office, but also the people at home feel stress due to various problems in their life. They found to be in a state of constant stress and anxiety. When it prolongs for a more extended period, cortisol level shoots up which affects the overall health of the individual.

The recent studies about anxiety affirm that the people who used weighted blankets had regular heart rates. It has further proved that deep pressure input may be a suitable therapeutic technique for people with special needs who are in extreme alert condition during the stressful period. People who are using weighted blankets enjoy the surprise feeling of comfort due to the gentle pressure it exerts on the body. Thereby, it reduces the cortisol level and helps to lower the stress and anxiety.

Benefits of using weighted blankets over anxiety:

Weighted blankets offer numerous benefits to the user who suffer from anxiety and depression.

  • Improves sleep: The equal distribution of pressure on the weighted blanket provides a pleasant mood for a person to fall asleep. It ensures comfort and safety with a sense of warmth so that the mindsets free for the body to relax.
  • Helps to release serotonin: As the person gets wrapped with a weighted blanket, the pressure on the body in specific areas stimulate the release of chemicals like serotonin in the brain. Thereby it helps to reduce the stress to leave the person in a state of the stress-free environment to improve the mood swing.
  • Helps to release melatonin: Melatonin is a hormone that triggers sleep and helps to reduce the tiredness due to lack of sleep. It is closely linked with the hormone called serotonin, the pressure that stimulates the chemical will also lead to melatonin secretion.
  • Improves mental health: Weighted blankets help to improve mental health and depression to make the person stay in a calm state that helps to suppress the stress at times of anxiety.
  • Render helping hands to the elderly: Elder people who are above sixty years old have Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. In spite of that, they feel restless and short-tempered. By using weighted blankets, the person may feel fine and dandy. Weighted blankets will replace like a hug, help the tormented person tranquilize through the transition.
  • Calm your body: At times, if you don’t get sleep with your brain still buzzing, then a weighted blanket solve the problem. Weighted blankets serve to reduce the hyperactivity and nervous system activities. But use a blanket that weighs 5 -10% of your body weight.
  • In sensory assimilation: The weighted blankets offer a soothing experience to reduce anxiety disorder like a hug. As you feel the comfort, you can feel the soothing effect of love and compassion. The sensory input stimulates the person’s body pressure point for sleep and also it has proven therapeutic benefits for anxiety and sensory disorders.
  • Calm down the stress in kids: We often use blankets while sleeping, but the weighted blankets serve the purpose of calming down during daily activities at school primarily for children. Wrap your child with a weighted blanket around the body or give support at the back, while your kid starts reading or doing homework or engaging on any task. The kid will feel relaxed from stress and anxiety.

By this time, you must have a question in your mind that how does a weighted blanket work out for stress and anxiety?

How does a weighted blanket work to reduce stress and anxiety?

In our body system, we have Golgi tendon organs in our joints. It helps to communicate with our friends and people with the help of the nervous system, thereby keeping us informed of the places of our joints in space. For example; if we close our eyes and lift both our arms up, we can tell in which position where my arm is, and what its current status is. Now the people with certain disorders like sensory integration or anxiety can get enough benefits from these weighted blankets. The weighted blankets trigger the Golgi tendon tissues and improve responsiveness, and also it induces a sense of calmness as it stimulates the skin receptors effectively.

How to choose the correct weighted blanket for children?

Weighted blankets make a difference in sleep and anxiety. Those who suffer from anxiety wanted to use the blanket, but they may not have an idea to choose the right blanket. Selecting the right blanket is our personal preference. So, it would help if you can select the correct weighted blanket that balances the weight of your body. The therapists recommend that it should be 5 to 10 % of your body weight plus 2 pounds.

Few guidelines for selecting the correct weighted blankets:

  • Current weight of your child
  • Allowance required for future growth


As children grow fast, the weighted blanket may become insufficient over a period. So while choosing the size and weight, accommodate six inches or more in length and two pounds or more in weight for future consideration. If you want to use blankets for a small kid, then you must use it with close supervision.  Never allow them to use


Choosing Weighted blankets for adults:

When you select the blanket, it should be fit on the top of the bed without any sideways hanging. You can keep your blanket either folded or get only at bedtime. There are few steps in choosing the right blanket to stay comfortable

Step 1: Choose the Fabric:

Plan and select the fabric first.


Step 2: Choose the correct size and weight:

Choose a blanket with 10% of your body weight plus 2 pounds.

It would be better if you know exactly, whether it is going to be deep pressure touch or light touch. If you are concerned with deep touch, choose a heavy blanket.


Step 3: Choose the right Temperature:

Sometimes you may ask, will it make too hot? So, here is the answer by the weighting comforters.


Blanket with weather tolerance: You can look for blankets that have better weather tolerance and balance the temperature by using unique fabrics.  Many different brands are available in the market, for addressing weather sensitive patients, who want to use a weighted blanket.


Flannel: It is suitable for cold lovers. The charcoal flannel blanket comforts you with extra warmth along with the weight. It will be more comfortable and keep you warm throughout the day.


Quilting fabric: It is ideal for people who like neither hot or cold. These type of blankets come in 100% cotton. They come with comfortable weight for a body to rest peacefully. It is available in 3 palliative colors like pewter, aqua spray, and blue chambray.

How heavy should your weighted Blanket?

When choosing a weighted blanket, it’s important to consider the exact requirements rather than looking at the brand name and price. There are no specific rules while selecting a blanket, whether heavy or light. The crucial point is that you should choose the right weight. As in common, weighted blankets should be sized to the body and not to the bed. It is important to note that weighted blankets are not for babies. You should never use a weighted blanket for a child under one-year-old as it may lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome if unattended.

For children between the ages of 6 and 12, a medium-sized weighted blanket would be perfect, with a measurement of 38 inches by 62 inches. To calculate the appropriate weight, use 10 percent of the child’s body weight plus two pounds. For adults and elders, the weighted blankets can be of small or medium-sized. For small, the clanked weight should be 5lbs, and for medium, it is 8lbs.

How do you take care of your weighted blankets?

You should not buy a weighted blanket and leave it without any care and maintenance. To maintain the quality of the blanket, you need to put little attention on it for long life.  Like any blanket, it also required washing, drying, and other routine maintenance, especially if you find the weight pockets shows some damages. Here are specific tips to take care of your blanket.

If your weighted blanket is less than 10 pounds, you can wash it in your washing machine.  Before taking it for machine wash, please make sure it is machine washable.

  • Choose the washing method based on the quality of your blanket.
  • Some fabrics may require hand washing for ensuring its quality even after washing.
  • If you use the blanket daily, air it regularly and clean it at least once in six months.
  • If it’s rainy or winter season, make it dry in the sun for at least half an hour


Customer reviews on weighted blankets:

The world today has become very mechanical with heavy loads of responsibilities. So automatically we may encounter anxiety, and as a result, we lack proper sleep during bedtimes. Therefore, it is imperative to practice healthy habits when you are under stress. You may have a deep breath or take a chill shower or go for a walk with your friends early morning or wrapping yourself with a weighted blanket.

Many studies had confirmed the incredible benefits of weighted blankets and found that the person’s sleeping time improved and night time anxiety disorder significantly decreased when they used weighted blankets than ordinary blankets. The people who use have reported that it was easier for them to get sleep the moment their body wrapped with these weighted blankets. As a result, they feel completely refreshed in the morning.

Recently, a study in Occupational Therapy in Mental Health found 63% of people who used weighted blankets reported lower anxiety level and 78% reported that they feel more relaxed with the blanket than without a blanket. Also, recent research shows that the weighted blankets are very safe for healthy adults, who have no blood pressure complaints. The use of weighted blankets are like a hug for long hours. The people who use say that weighted blankets may be an excellent alternative to lifelong sedatives and sleeping pills.

As per the Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, partakers undergoes a kind of treatment showed more co-operation by feeling relaxed with low stress and anxiety with their weighted blankets.

How to Buy Weighted blankets online:children sizing

Before buying weighted blankets, ensure the weight of the blanket. The manufacturers recommend that adults should buy a blanket that is 5 to 10 percent of their body weight. For children, the recommended blanket weight is 10 percent of their body weight plus one to two pounds. So after deciding the blanket, you can buy from one of the trusted online stores.

So, it’s awe that weighted blankets are becoming famous for helping with anxiety, sensory problems, restless mind, and autism and anxiety problem. Therefore, before buying online, you can go through various customer reviews about the comfort. You will get an idea about color, the texture of the fabric, the proper size of the blanket for your weight to make your selection better. Nowadays most of the trusted sites give free shipping for this product with quick delivery.


Let me conclude here, weighted blankets are handy and works out well to reduce stress and anxiety as much as possible to give you a calming and pleasant night sleep. These blankets look like ordinary blankets so you can carry wherever you go. Before buying a blanket, do have some understanding of the type of fabric, choose the right size for your weights.  Select from a variety of styles and colors that matches your taste.

I hope you will enjoy the warmth and comfort by using these blankets whenever you feel stressed or encounter anxiety. If you are a person who faces sleep disorder issues due to anxiety and wants to find an alternative solution to sleep without any medication, then try a weighted blanket for anxiety. It won’t let you down!











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