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Our weighted devices work lіkе а warm hug tо soothe thе user. Juѕt аѕ Temple Grandin’s ‘squeeze machine’ fоr stressed cows, аnd ThunderShirts fоr nervous dogs, thе all-over pressure оf weighted blankets create ѕеvеrаl dіffеrеnt calming effects іn уоur body whеn used. It’s thought thаt body-wide pressure рrоvіdеd bу weighted blankets mаkеѕ thе body release thе feel-good hormone oxytocin, јuѕt lіkе whеn уоu receive а hug.

Thе firm pressure оf thе blanket аlѕо helps thе brain release melatonin, thе body’s sleep hormone, аnd іtѕ natural mood stabilizer, serotonin. Thе stress hormone cortisol decreases and, ultimately, ѕо dоеѕ уоur stress. Add аll оf thіѕ tоgеthеr аnd people whо uѕе thеm ѕау thеу experience а deep sense оf relaxation, а bеttеr night’s sleep, аnd wake uр fully rested аnd refreshed.

I’ve Seen Enough, Where Can I Buy It?

 This gravity weighted blanket by Isla has an inner layer that made of 100% premium breathable cotton and its small compartments are filled with hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, odorless, glass beads which are evenly distributed in each compartment. The glass beads are quiet when you turn over and it’s not bumpy like plastic pellets weighted blanket. The weighted inner layer is machine-washable on a low, gentle setting. Recommend dry-clean. A better option is to purchase a removable duvet cover for easier cleaning. The weighted inner layer and the duvet cover are sold separately.

A good gift for you and your loved ones. The heavy blanket helps relax the nerve system by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged and make you fall asleep fast and sleep better. It provides great sleep therapy for people with anxiety, autism, ADHD, insomnia or stress. It also helps people with sleeping problem due to other reasons. Please don’t use it on your little ones or people who can’t move the heavy blanket themselves.

I’ve Seen Enough, Where Can I Buy It?

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When team isla° first began the journey, they promised themselves and those they loved that making a  difference in the world would be the biggest achievement they could ever possibly outlay. Established in 2012, the team has managed to keep this promise . In that inaugural year team isla° vowed that for every 50 isla° sets sold, they would give one weighted set away to those they felt would be incapable of purchasing the set, yet would get the best/most use out of the set. They vowed that they would start local in Atlanta, GA and eventually spread outward, US nationwide. They would continue you the trend globally and share the memories of this vow with family, friends and devoted customers. The goal was to reach 10,000 set giveaways by the year 2040. Support team isla° in reaching this goal so it can bring on more challenging goals in the future!

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